Mission Fellowship

Fellowship, food, fun, and using our talents!

Some of us were born and raised on or near the coast. Many of us live on or near the coast, including Astoria, Seaside, Svensen, Long Beach (Washington), as far away as Rockaway! And some of us even travel from the Portland area! 

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Visits to our mission

Our mission is sponsored by the Eastern Orthodox Church of the Annunciation in Milwaukie, Oregon. Here are some pictures from their choir visit (led by our Choir Director, Irina Burkett) and our Youth Group (co-led by Reader Joshua Banke and Aaron Reynolds).

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On the journey to becoming Orthodox 

"O Lord our God, who dwells on high and regards the humble of heart, who has sent forth as the salvation of the race of men, Thine only-begotten Son and God our Lord Jesus Christ: look down upon Thy servants the catechumens, who have bowed their necks before Thee; make them worthy in due time of the laver of regeneration, the remission of sins, and the robe of incorruption.  Unite them to Thy Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church, and number them with Thy chosen flock.”

From Litany of Catechumens 

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The Divine Liturgy

The Divine Liturgy is the common action of Orthodox Christians officially gathered to constitute the Orthodox Church. It is the action of the Church assembled by God in order to be together in one community to worship, to pray, to sing, to hear God’s Word, to be instructed in God’s commandments, to offer itself with thanksgiving in Christ to God the Father, and to have the living experience of God’s eternal kingdom through communion with the same Christ Who is present in his people by the Holy Spirit.

The Divine Liturgy is always done by Orthodox Christians on the Lord’s Day which is Sunday, the “day after Sabbath” which is symbolic of the first day of creation and the last day—or as it is called in Holy Tradition, the eighth day—of the Kingdom of God. This is the day of Christ’s resurrection from the dead, the day of God’s judgment and victory predicted by the prophets, the Day of the Lord which inaugurates the presence and the power of the “kingdom to come” already now within the life of this present world.

As the common action of the People of God, the Divine Liturgy may be celebrated only once on any given day in an Orthodox Christian community. All of the members of the Church must be gathered together with their pastor in one place at one time. This includes even small children and infants who participate fully in the communion of the liturgy from the day of their entrance into the Church through baptism and chrismation. Always everyone, always together. This is the traditional expression of the Orthodox Church about the Divine Liturgy.

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The Sacrament of Chrismation

In the sacrament of Chrismation we receive “the seal of the gift of the Holy Spirit” (See Rom 8, 1 Cor 6, 2 Cor 1.21–22). If baptism is our personal participation in Easter—the death and resurrection of Christ, then chrismation is our personal participation in Pentecost—the coming of the Holy Spirit upon us.

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