Eastern Orthodox Mission Relocates to North Coast

HAMMOND – held its first

St. Brendan's Eastern Orthodox Mission (Holy Nativity) was in existence for 15 years in Longview, Wash., but relocated to Hammond so there would be an Orthodox Church serving the North Coast. Father Kevin Lien, a priest serving under Father Matthew Tate of Annunciation Church in Portland, in the western diocese of the Orthodox Church in America is the presiding Priest.  Liturgy is conducted the first Sunday of each month at 10:00am preceded by Matins at 9:00am at St Francis de Sales Mission, 867 Fifth Ave. in Hammond. . All are welcome.

The Orthodox Church began on the day of Pentecost. It was the apostles Peter and Paul, in particular, who established the Church in many of the major cities throughout the Mediterranean world: Corinth, Ephesus, Philippi, Jerusalem, Antioch, Alexandria and Rome. Those churches today are collectively known as the Eastern Orthodox Church. For the first 1000 years of the Church’s history, there was one Church.

In the 11th century, a split occurred, resulting in the Eastern (Orthodox) and Western (Roman Catholic) Churches separating from one another. During the centuries that followed, missionary priests took the Orthodox faith into Slavic lands and throughout the known world, arriving in America in 1794, when monks from Russia brought the Orthodox faith to Alaska.

Today, particularly with the fall of communism in Eastern Europe, Orthodoxy is gaining greater attention in the West. There are some 300 million Orthodox Christians in the world, and more than 5 million in the U.S. Many names have been used throughout the centuries to describe this Church: Eastern, Orthodox, Greek, Russian, Serbian, One-Holy-Catholic and Apostolic. These names add to an understanding of its history and doctrines.

However, the Church is perhaps best understood simply as the Orthodox Church. The word “orthodox” is used by members to indicate what they consider “correct belief” and demonstrates Church members’ conviction that they have worshiped “correctly” for more than 2000 years, according to apostolic tradition.

  Archbishop Benjamin, Diocese of the West

Archbishop Benjamin, Diocese of the West

St. Brendan's Eastern Orthodox Mission is part of the Orthodox Church in America, the Diocese of the West, under Archbishop Benjamin. Archbishop Benjamin was born in 1954 and was baptized and chrismated at Holy Virgin Mary CathCathedral, Las Angeles, CA on April 27, 1972. In 1982, he was awarded a Masters of Divinity degree and Certificate in Liturgical Music from Saint Vladimir Seminary.